GBG Business: Spiritual Entrepreneurs:
Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur by Linda Miller
   As a Spiritual Entrepreneur...and a network marketer...
   Several years ago when I first started my own business
   in network marketing and affiliate marketing, I thought
   the biggest benefit would be the money - so that I could
   work at home and not go back into the corporate world where
   I had worked as a paralegal for 20 years.
   I was right about that AND I was wrong!
   I was right because I did benefit from the money and I have
   created a full time income from home and actually replaced my
   husband's income, and I have not gone back to the corporate world,
   for which I am very grateful.
   However, I was wrong in that the biggest benefit to me has actually
   been the personal relationships and the personal development. I have
   truly become a Spiritual Entrepreneur, allowing Law of Attraction and
   spiritual principles to attract others who are interested in the products
   and services I offer.
   One important thing I have learned is that what I am doing is not for
   everyone... and it took me several years to figure that out.  Not everyone
   is going to be interested in what I'm doing - and that is perfect.
   I am no longer in the convincing business.  Now I go about my business
   day with the intention to attract only those who are already interested
   in my products and services.  Now, instead of trying to talk anyone into
   liking what I am doing, I am just looking for those people who ARE already interested.
   You can do this too - and I promise it is great!
   Before we can attract the people who are looking for us, we need to decide
   what type of person we are attracting.  What are the characteristics of the
   people that we want to work with? Are they motivated, qualified, honest, of integrity? 
   Write down on a piece of paper the qualities of your perfect new customers and business partners.  Keep that list by your phone and by your computer.  Every time you pick up
   the phone or send an email or place an ad or mail a flyer, you are intending
   that the people with the qualities you have listed are going to respond to you.
   For example, when you make a phone call, have the intention that ONLY those people
   who are interested will pick up the phone.  You don’t really want to talk to people
   who are not interested, right?  Then state this intention… write this down…
   "It is my Intention to easily and automatically
   attract to me people who are interested in my
   products and services, who are motivated and
   qualified and ready to take action - and who are
   willing to set forth the effort to create success."
   Start your day with 10 minutes or 30 minutes or whatever you feel
   you have ... for personal development.  Spend time reading or listening to
   something inspirational.  When we begin with our own personal development, and we set our intentions
   to attract people who are already looking for what we have to offer, the results are purely magical!
   Remember... Marketing is simply getting yourself in front of as many people
   as possible in as many creative ways as possible so that those people who are
   looking for what you have to offer can find you.  Notice I said you are looking for people who are already looking for you?
   Instead of spending your day convincing people, how about you spend your day
   finding more creative ways to get yourself in front of the people who are already interested.
   How does that feel?
   Many blessings for your prosperity and well being.
   Copyright 2008 Linda Miller is a successful Spiritual Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer
   and Spiritual Mentor. 

GBG Business: Listening & Learning:
Listening To People by Don Weim
I have been asked this question many times........ repeat, many times.  In fact, just yesterday by a  "newbie"  business builder.  My reply:  "listen to what  THEY  have to say.  It is necessary to have a script........  but, the major no-no  DON'T read from it.  I utilize bullet points to get my message across, but under no circumstances, do I interrupt what THEY  have to say.
People are usually looking for  SOMETHING  it is our mission to find out what it is they're looking for, and provide a path for  THEM  to find it thru GBG.
We know that we have a good product line, but we have to establish credibility with our prospects before we can move forward.

Here's the bullet points:
          - Is this a good time to talk?
          - What type of income are you looking for, per month?
          - Do you want to make it your primary or secondary source of income?
          - How much money would you spend per month to make that monthly goal?
          - Would you spend $40.00 per month to achieve that income goal? 
          - We have the marketing tools, and training to HELP you achieve your goals.
          - Do you have the desire? 
          - Lets get started today.   (money back guarantee)

 GBG Business: Marketing

Focus, Commitment & Persistence by Aziz Jangbar
These are the essential ingredients for success in any business, and GBG is no different.
GBG offers the most powerful opportunity that I have ever seen in my life.
I was fortunate enough to recognize that. 
Make a decision to work this business for at least 2 years.
Focus on your GBG business and eliminate distractions.
Stay committed no matter what someone throws at you.
Do something persistently everyday to build your GBG Business.
Hand out samples and flyers
Host a GBG Tasting Party
Talk about the POWERFUL GBG Pay Plan
Post Ads on the Internet
Share your positive health experiences with GBG's products
And so much creative and do not get discouraged!
And most of all, enjoy the journey to success!