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If you are a Gold or Platinum Business Builder and would like to order just a 30 kit package for $99.97 (valued at $129.97), you can go to your Shop Now cart and place your order now. (Be the first to get your package ordered and you will be the first to receive it - all packages are scheduled to be shipped the 1st week in January). Commit yourself and your team members to handing out at least 1 sample per day - the results can be life-changing!


The largest contest giveaway in the history of GBG is now live. Starting December 1st, GBG is giving away over

$1,000,000 in FREE Sample Packages

The qualifications are SIMPLE: For every 10 new customers you gather from December 1st through March 10, 2011, we will send you a FREE SAMPLE PACKAGE valued at $129.97. GBG is committed to giving away 10,000 of these sample packages for FREE during the contest period. This means if you gather 10 new customers we send you a Package, 10 more new customers will get you another Package, and so on. Why are we willing to giveaway so many 10-in-One Chewable Sample Packages? We know that if you are committed to giving away at least 1 sample kit per day, you can explode your business in 2011. Will this be the most successful year you have experienced in your life? We hope so and we want to support you as you grow your team - we are giving you the "what to do to build your business!"

In addition to the FREE Sample Package for every 10 new customers, GBG is giving away 10 additional prizes for the people that gather the most new customers (minimum of 25 new customers) during the contest period.

The Grand Prize winner will receive 10 FREE Sample Packages, 10 more FREE Sample Packages for someone in their downline, AND 10 FREE Sample Packages per month for
A YEAR! (120 to you and 10 to someone on your downline) This Prize alone is valued at almost $17,000; but this doesn't even count the value of residual income you can receive by handing out these sample kits and watching your team grow. Winners will be awarded at the Gala in Florida on April 1st!

2nd Place will receive 9 Sample Packages for themself and 9 to give to someone of your choice
3rd Place will receive 8 Sample Packages for themself and 8 to give to someone of your choice
4th Place will receive 7 Sample Packages for themself and 7 to give to someone of your choice
5th Place will receive 6 Sample Packages for themself and 6 to give to someone of your choice
6th Place will receive 5 Sample Packages for themself and 5 to give to someone of your choice
7th Place will receive 4 Sample Packages for themself and 4 to give to someone of your choice
8th Place will receive 3 Sample Packages for themself and 3 to give to someone of your choice
9th Place will receive 2 Sample Packages for themself and 2 to give to someone of your choice
10th Place will receive 1 Sample Package for themself and 1 to give to someone of your choice
Contest rules: Each new customer must have a separate shipping address to qualify. Each Sample Package that is won will be shipped to you for FREE, including shipping and handling. All winners will be sent their packages on a first earned, first shipped basis. Sampling Packages will begin shipping the first week of January.

GBG is offering our powerful energy drink, Energy Matrix, at a drastically reduced price. You will get 10 packages for $10 each for 10 days - that's 300 servings for just $100 (+s/h). This is less than 40 cents per serving. This limited time offer is good while supplies last. To order now, go to your Shop Now cart above. Click here to learn more about Energy Matrix

Introducing GBG's Worldwide Bonus Pool
Now You Can Earn Residual Income From Everyone in the Company!
10 Bonus Pools In One! Read all the details below!
GBG is proud to announce the most substantial income enhancement in the history of our company. The GBG Worldwide Profit Sharing Program is here now. The qualifications focus on both the Platinum position and the continued growth of our loyal consumer base that is ordering products every month. Many of you have caught the vision of how powerful the Platinum Business Opportunity is and have earned up to 30 levels of pay for becoming a Presidential Platinum. The natural progression of this bonus pool opportunity is to offer qualified Presidential Platinums the chance to earn additonal monthly bonuses on every qulaified sale in the company. Yes, you read correctly...GBG is willing to give you a percentage of every qualified GBG customer order every month for whatver bonus pool(s) you qualify for.

While you continue to build your own GBG Team, you will now be able to get paid on the volume of every other team as you become qualified.
So what are the qualifications? Profit Sharing Requirements

What is your Group Volume?: Click Here To View

Please remember that you will get paid on all of the bonus pools you qualify for each month, not just the highest one. The more people who share in these bonus pools, the more volume is created. The higher bonus pools will naturally have fewer people qualifying and therefore generate larger checks. GBG will pay out 100% of the money in each pool that is attained and divide it equally to each participant that qualifies.

We are very excited to share more wealth with those that are willing to put in the extra effort and build a strong team! This new Profit Sharing Program will start paying out in mid-December for the bonus pools attained in November. Some of you have already reached some of the lower level bonus pools, but now is the time to push to your next goal and be the first one to a higher pool.

We appreciate your continued efforts and are glad to partner with you to take our company to the next level!

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2010 Hall of Fame
Top Sales Leaders By Month
GBG is proud to have representatives for all over the country building their teams and leading the 10-in-One explosion. Here is a list of our TOP SALES LEADERS for 2010 (by month):

November -
Platinum - *Laura Garrett* Waukegan, Illinois

Gold - *Sue Ortiz* New Port Richey, FL

October -
Platinum - *Mass Platinums, LLC* New Port Richey, FL

Gold - *Mass Platinums, LLC* New Port Richey, FL

September -
Platinum - *Rick Rowberry* Iona, ID
& *Marvin & Bessie Gaines* Logan, KS

Gold - Bryan McDaniel, Clarksville, TN

August -
Platinum - *Lori Barclay* Redding, Ca
& *Dr. Ernie Panza* Palm Coast, FL

Gold - *Mark Huba* New Port Richey, FL

July -
Platinum - *Nick Verrengia* New Port Richey, Fl

Gold - *Gary Lane* West Hollywood, Ca

June -
*Bryan McDaniel* Clarksville, TN
runner up - *Greg Sander* Greenville, IL

May -
*Keith Lacy* Valrico, Fl

April -
*Steve and Lisa Carmack* Hudson, Fl
runner up - *Casi Johnson* Fort Branch, IN

March -
*Christi Genovese* San Clemente, CA
runner up - *Jon Baker* Bargersville, IN

February -
*Larry Lane* West Hollywood, CA

January -
*Foundation Management Group - John O'Leary* Palm Harbor, FL
runner up - *Donnie Hawes* Virginia Beach, VA

YTD Sales Leader - *Bryan McDaniel* Clarksville TN

Ms. Jackee Harry joins GBG as National Spokesperson!
Jackee Harry - Star of TV, Film and Theatre – New GBG Spokesperson!
(OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE) Vacaville, Ca. - GBG proudly announced the addition of Jackee Harry, star of TV, movies and theatre, as an official Spokesperson. Ms. Harry, who won an Emmy for her role as Sandra Clark on the hit TV series, 227, has teamed up with GBG, a national Health & Wellness company, with corporate offices in Vacaville, Ca. to promote improved health and wealth across America.

Ms. Harry has extensive experience in theatre, daytime television, primetime television, movies, and has even loaned her voice to animated films. She has done it all. Ms. Harry recently wrapped the final season of CW’s “Everybody Hates Chris” and has been touring the country with J.D. Lawrence’s production of “The Cleanup Woman,” which is being developed into a feature film and TV series. Because of her international exposure, Ms. Harry’s alliance with GBG will help promote the mutual goal of improving the life, health and wealth of families across the nation….and beyond.

In addition to her acting career, Ms. Harry has consistently been active in a variety of philanthropic endeavors, including this year’s “Trump AIDS” initiative, which she co-chaired with Danny Glover. While working with GBG, Ms. Harry will expand her big-hearted giving ways, coordinating with a variety of national organizations.

GBG is a fast-growing company, but is not a large conglomerate – nor do they have hundreds of products in their line. GBG is a privately owned company, located in the pure, open grasslands of beautiful Northern California. Their lead product is the exclusive GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Super Formula, which is literally 10 Formulas in one. GBG’s focus on this superb formula is complimented by a one-of-a-kind product – both at unbeatable prices.

While Ms. Harry has been approached by a variety of companies over the years to represent their products, she has never promoted a single company or product until now – until GBG. When she realized that her vision aligned perfectly with GBG’s mission, she knew that this was a perfect match. The terms of the contract between Ms. Harry and GBG are confidential, but both parties have made a strong commitment to a multi-year deal. (END PRESS RELEASE)

10-in-One Business Cards
Add This Important Marketing Tool Now
If you are serious about building your GBG 10-in-One business, you need to have an attractive, professional, high gloss business card that will let people know exactly where to learn about our great product and business.
To order your personalized cards at the best price on the market, go to Tools4GBG

Platinum Lead Capture Page LIVE
Are you an Internet Marketer?
GBG has a powerful lead capture page for your internet team building. This gives you a tool you need to gather a prospect's information, then sends them to your new, potent Platinum site. To see your site (www.shopgbg.com/platinumbiz/yourteamnumber), go to Harold's LCP video site.

Marketing Materials
Marketing Material Approval Required
GBG recognizes that GBG Representatives are excited about building their business and anxious to get marketing materials distributed. Some of the materials created by individual representatives have been very impressive, but the content has been inaccurate, misrepresented or illegal. It is critical that all marketing materials, including any kind of print, audio, digital or any other kind be approved by GBG Corp PRIOR to going public with it. Please submit your final drafts to GBGWealth@gbgcorp.com attn: Marketing Material Approval. As GBG continues to grow and bring one of a kind products to market with government agency seals, we will be in the spotlight more and more. 100% compliance is required. Thank You!